Heating Systems Repair & Installation

Heating Systems Repair & Installation

Furnace Maintenance

Maintenance can keep you safe and save you money and hassles.
Would you let your car go a year without a tune-up or oil change?
By maintaining your heating system annually, We, AIR FLOW HEATING & COOLING, can pinpoint potential problems before they become a costly, inconvenient emergency repair or worse, a safety hazard.
A well maintained system runs more efficient and you can be sure to get peak performance from your equipment to help save on your monthly utility bills.
Doing Annual Maintenance and tuning up your Heating and Cooling Equipment will bring you the following benefits:
»Helps improve the performance of your equipment.
»Avoiding the need for premature replacement of parts or equipment.
»Keeps the efficiency as high as possible.
»Leading to reduce energy use (15-17%).
»Our heating system maintenance package includes a 20-points comprehensive check-up and cleaning.
Some of the key points are:
»Inspection of Heat Exchanger.
»Test all of the Safety controls.
»Perform CO test.
»Clean Pilot & adjust for proper operation.
»Cleaning, replacing or installing filter.
»Check operation of Thermostat.
»Clean drain and all hoses for proper draining.
»Inspection of Venting and gas piping.
»Check Ignition system (Igniter, Flame Sensor and Burners).

Heating Systems Repair & Installation Air Flow's technicians can help make your equipment operate with peak efficiency and save you money year after year.

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